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Welcome to Gospel Parenting

Welcome to Gospel Parenting, the child-training ministry of Robert Andrews, designed to help parents bring up their children in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord," including those involved in the job of independent education. On the following pages you will find products to help you in that task: books on relevant parenting topics by Robert and other authors, along with parenting seminars on DVD on DVD. Robert's blog also provides an opportunity for interaction about the weekly newsletter on the crucial topic of biblical parenting.

The Latest From Robert's Blog

  • When Do I Hold My Nose and Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?


    We have seen in previous newsletters that 1.) politics is not intrinsically a dirty business unless Jesus and His right to reign over it are denied—just as in every other human activity. 2.) His rule from his Father's right hand, given to Him at the ascension, has been delegated to us, his people, to make that rule a reality, in time, on the earth, as we are taught to pray in the Lord's Prayer. 3.) However, this involves a mop-up war against the guerrilla forces of God's defeated enemy, Satan, and we looked at some practical marching orders for us to join the battle. However, only when we become eager volunteers, and not draftees, are we ready to jump into the political conflict. 4.) Since God has given us in America the privilege of electing our own leaders, the first step is being...


  • How Do I Know Whom to Vote For?


    Until November 11, 1620, getting to choose the laws under which one would live, and then those who will administer those laws, was unknown on the earth. That day the Pilgrim Fathers signed the Mayflower Compact in what is now Provincetown Harbor off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. On that day, aboard the Mayflower, the Great American Experiment in Liberty began. At issue was this question: Can corporate man successfully govern himself, or must he be coerced by external masters? We have proven, over the ensuing 500 years, that he can, but his hold on that liberty is always tenuous. It is preserved only by a vision of the purpose of government and diligent citizens who fight to keep it limited to that purpose, not only on foreign battlefields but in domestic elections. So, how do I know that I am...


  • Personally Jumping into Kingdom Politics


    Unless you have a desire to participate in making God's rule experiential in civil government on the earth today, I did not write this letter for you. I am neither trying to shame you for your political inactivity nor guilt you to "get involved in politics." Any motivation from God to "jump in" is never shame or guilt, but it always comes from internal freedom. The "volunteers in the day of (HIs) power" (Psalm 110:3) have already freely signed up in their hearts. Remember, they are volunteers, not draftees. They are already moving. They are now eagerly asking the question, "What can I do? Where is the track for me to move on?" This letter is for those volunteers. So, what if you can imagine nothing less interesting to you than "personally jumping into kingdom politics" as I once did?...


  • Bringing Politics into the Kingdom of God


    If Jesus has delegated His kingdom—His rule—to His people, as we have seen over the past two weeks, what does that look like? We have seen that the kingdom begins "within you," in your heart, but does not remain exclusively there. At the cross God began the process that will ultimately "reconcile all things to Himself, by Him (Jesus), whether things on earth or things in heaven, having made peace through the blood of His cross" (Colossians 1:20). There can be no neutrality. God's goal is that all His creation be in submission to His Son, who is seated on HIs throne, ruling in heaven. "For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be...


  • God's Vision for Christians in Politics


    We established last week that politics cannot be an intrinsically evil activity, because God Himself is perennially and eternally engaged in it. We saw in Daniel 7:13, 14 that Jesus has now been given His Father's creation over which to rule, completely and eternally, as king of heaven and earth, ruling with all power from the right hand of His Father, enthroned in heaven. Even though those are familiar words that all Christians have heard and even repeated, what do they practically mean? What in the world do these verses have to do with me, living a very unremarkable, unimportant, ordinary life here on the earth? We have established the fact that Jesus has been given God's kingdom and is currently reigning at His Father's right hand from Daniel 7:14: "Then to Him was given dominion and...


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I know of no other template for the family where the affirmative proof is seen in the children of the writer and in the children of others who follow this Biblical model. What a tremendous blessing this book has been, and continues to be for us.