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    "This book is a bit like Narnia's Aslan -
    it is not safe, but it is good."

    "Prepare to have your tender toes stepped on and your cherished assumptions challenged."
    —George Grant, Author


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Welcome to Gospel Parenting

Welcome to Gospel Parenting, the child-training ministry of Robert Andrews, designed to help parents bring up their children in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord," including those involved in the job of independent education. On the following pages you will find products to help you in that task: books on relevant parenting topics by Robert and other authors, along with parenting seminars on DVD on DVD. Robert's blog also provides an opportunity for interaction about the weekly newsletter on the crucial topic of biblical parenting.

The Latest From Robert's Blog

  • Case Studies in Thinking a New Way - Case Study #2


    God is at work over our lifetime transforming us by the "renewing of our minds" (Romans 12:2), and we have been investigating that process of learning to think the way God thinks over the last few weeks. Last week's newsletter related the story of a divorced man whose marriage was redeemed as he began to learn the lesson of habitually thinking via the gospel, as was Paul when he penned, "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief." (1 Timothy 1: 15). Notice the present tense. Each of us, individually and personally, remains (as did Paul) the "chief of sinners,"...


  • Case Studies in Thinking a New Way - Case Study #1


    "Gospel Parenting" begins with gospel thinking. We must have our minds renewed to such a degree that we learn to view every parenting situation (indeed, all of life) in terms of our going to the cross—accepting personal responsibility rather than blaming others. This necessitates a negative view of myself ("I have failed"), rather than the positive one the world trumpets ("I can do it if I just try harder"). But the gospel tells us that God saves only helpless sinners, in this life as well as in the next, and He, by His Holy Spirit, is in the process of doing so. He does not save those in...


  • Righting a Listing Family Ship


    If the father in last week's newsletter is able to think God's way by genuinely facing his own failure with his son and accepting full responsibility for his son's rebellion and the current state of affairs in his family, a wonderful solution to the crisis is at hand. In God's way of thinking and viewing these circumstances, as in every situation in which we find ourselves, death is the foundation for life, serving turns into ruling, owning one's sin produces righteousness and embracing failure leads to experiencing success. Even though this makes no sense whatsoever to the natural man, it...


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Family Book

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“This book is a bit like Narnia’s Aslan – it is not safe, but it is good.”

— Dr. George Grant, Author and Director of The King’s Meadow Study Center


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People are Saying

I know of no other template for the family where the affirmative proof is seen in the children of the writer and in the children of others who follow this Biblical model. What a tremendous blessing this book has been, and continues to be for us.